Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I've been staying insanely busy. For all the things I've dragged out of this apartment there's another five things that seem to linger behind. Tomorrow, Thursday, I pick up the moving trailer. My son and my nephew are going to help me get it loaded up. I'll be taking at least one trip to the town waste site with the box springs from my bed and a broken desk I had fixed enough to use in the corner (it leans terribly). I expect Friday morning I'll be cutting my internet connection and boxing up the desk and computer for the trek across the states.

Daugher number 2's school play opens tomorrow night. She has one of the lead roles. I'm pleased to still be in town for that. I'll be going tomorrow night and Friday night as well. I should be packed up and ready to hit the road mid-morning on Saturday.

I've had dinner twice this week with daughter number 1. We may have had enough of each other. She is spending the next couple evenings with her brother as he'll be leaving next week for his new job.

My dad flies into town tomorrow as well. He'll be driving with me to Seattle. Dad's sister lives 6 1/2 hours northwest of here. We'll be spending the first night at her house in St Paul, Minnesota. After the short run on Saturday I'm hoping to drive like a bat out of hell (however they drive) as far west as a bleary eyed driver can go. Maybe we'll get half way through Montana. The whole trip is around 2,000 miles.

The Routing...

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My dad is bringing some books on CD to listen to during the drive. He's concerned they are from politically conservative friends. Dad and I consider ourselves liberals. So it should be good fun to argue with the point of view on the CD's. I'm sorry I've already packed up ISIHAC. If I'd thought a little further ahead (dammit) Dad and I could be playing Mornington Crescent instead.

Got final bills paid this morning, transmission fluid flush and a new starter put in the truck earlier this week. Otherwise, I've just been selling or tossing out everything that isn't nailed down. There's the down and dirty. Hope everyone is warm and safe.


  1. You stay warm and safe, y'hear? Take pictures, too. I hope to hear from you soon.

  2. First time visitor and I must say your blog is gorgeous! Love the colours.