Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Getting ready to call Mr. Steve again

Am I just being naive to think the Sheraton downtown will return my phone charger? I called as soon as I remembered where I had left it. That was Sunday evening, as I had checked out Sunday morning. The phone charger, by the way is plugged into the wall between the two beds. The cord is snaking around from behind the open legged nightstand. Mr. Steve at the desk, whom I have spoken to twice, once Sunday then again on Monday, is treating me as if it is in my luggage and I am scatterbrained.

It makes me wonder how many people do not turn their backpacks and purses inside out looking for their phone chargers before they call the hotel. It makes me wonder how many phone chargers are turned in by housekeeping at a facility this large. It is a small city, to be sure. I was on the eighteenth floor -great view by the way- and I wasn't at the top. I can imagine small mountains of phone chargers in a secreted back room where a young girl with long golden hair sits in a dank corner spinning, spinning day and night, spinning phone cords into wireless towers...I dunno. Poor thing.

I want my phone charger back. I know there is a phone store I can visit downtown on my way home from work. I was just hoping not to have to.


  1. If you told mr steve it would explode if not immediately returned, I guess that wouldn't help. Thanks a lot 911 guys, can't even say boom anymore. Customer service people often need such threats so they don't forget the nature of the job is not customer critic or combatant. I say we pay Mr Steve a visit, then storm the tower and rescue that spinny chick.

  2. They have it in a pile somewhere...

  3. Gone to the ever farreaching galaxy of misplaced phone chargers!

  4. SCORE!!! I got it back, I got it back..la,la,la,la.

  5. iF yOo EVer WaNna sEe yEr fOnE chArger aLive AgAiN, LeAf tHe lOoT iN a pLaNe bRowN BaG aT tHe fRont DEsK. NO CoPs---oR elSE!!
    Mister SteVe