Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Buckets of Pearls

Once upon a time there were two sisters with two jobs very similar, only at different ends of the village. Each sister said her job was more stressful than the other. The sister at the north end of the village would say, My job is more hectic than yours as people come into our village from the north and I must teach them our customs, and find them places to stay. These people from the north don't understand our language or how to live in a village with roads and shops for things. My job is more stressful as I must be compassionate to their needs and remember not to judge them for what they do not know.

"In my job I am a money changer, a teacher, a map maker. I am a guide and an escort. My job takes patience to listen to what the people from the North truly want to find here. I am a translator for many languages into ours. These are all my jobs for all the people coming into our village from the north."

The other sister could hardly sit still as she listened to the list of stressful things. "Ah," she finally said, "My job does all of that - as each person leaves our village to head to the city south of us. And so much more besides. Yes, I change the money to be what money they use in the next village. I draw and explain maps to their next home. I tell them how to stay out of trouble, and what paths they should not take. I help them sell the things they cannot or do not want to take with them. I help them send letters in a thousand different languages ahead to a thousand different villages looking for homes, or loved ones or jobs. My job is stressful as these people have so little time left here and want to have their new life settled as they head to the south. I must be compassionate that when it is time to leave there is nothing that can hold them back. I am here to remind them that all the tears that are shed are actually pearls of love. If I could, I would hand them each the buckets of pearls they have caused with their leaving."

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  1. I don't know what the inspiration was for this story, but I like it, S.