Monday, June 1, 2009

The Nickle Tour

I am all moved in.  Internet came with the apartment (oh snap!).  I canceled the service I had
 set up last week.  As my son walked in the door yesterday (nickle tour before we start unloading the truck) he grinned and said, "Wow! Nice digs." 

He stayed later than anticipated, so I know the place feels good.  Pictures are just pictures.  In pictures it's just an apartment, like any other.  So here's my apartment, like any other.  I 
think I have outsmarted Push Button Publishing in getting all my photos posted at once..I've been working on this...

As you walk in the front door this is the view.
The desk is my sole piece of furniture - 
it is the one piece of furniture I held onto.  
That's the balcony you are seeing outside the window.

Above is the view from the kitchen looking to the front door 
All I see is boxes, certainly more of them today than are in this photo.

Standing near the desk and looking toward the kitchen
this is the space that is my living room.

If we walk down the hall, first we come to the den...
the mysterious source of all the empty boxes filling my living room.
Then my bedroom.
You'll have to excuse Penny, if her head weren't attached....oh, it's not. 

  Back out to the living room here is a quick look at my deck/balcony/veranda.
This is where I spend most of my time (not unpacking)...and 
I will be heading out there again in a bit.  
(I love the exercise machine - I REALLY like it. - There's a story there, but later)
The photo below is the View - a back yard enclosed 
with fir and pine and decidious trees. 
 Off to the right is a large blackberry patch.  
I'm hoping to make jelly this summer from it. 
So sit down in my camping chairs for a bit, 
I'll bring you a wine or hard lemonade, 
unless you brought a beer with you, you want some ice tea?; and 
let's listen to the birds for a bit longer while the sun still shines.  


  1. Very nice! Thanks for the tour. :)

  2. ok..I HAVE to ask...where's the kinky sex room? LMAO

  3. I like it. It's bigger and prettier than mine (I don't got no den).

    I'll have a hard lemonade, thank you! Camping chairs are perfect for this.

  4. Sir, Private showings are available...


  5. Great place to call home realy nice!The wait was worth it huh?

  6. You've accomplished a lot in a very short time. This is a splendid dwelling. I'm sure the balcony will be the most frequent hang out. I'll take lemonade or iced tea, I think.