Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Nekkid Parade

We'll get to the naked part in a moment. But, because I loaded these photos in no particular order first you get to see the "Art Car" section of the Fremont Solstice Fair in Seattle this weekend.

The car is "decorated" with dentures and bridges in various states of disrepair. I love the look on her face. I could hardly look at the thing, car that is. It was too...distasteful (pun intended).

The solstice parade features naked folks. Mostly painted. I believe the only rule was they
needed to be on bicycles...although that didn't always seem to be the case. Maybe they just needed wheels. Walking through the staging area of the parade before it started was a great way to see what was up and coming (again, pun intended). I've decided I like silver.

Yep, silver works for me.

Some people were still pulling themselves together. Not a problem.

Even the goddesses were in their altogether.

Some paint jobs were better than others. These two are completely in paint. You are not looking at clothing...totally cool.
This was a massive amount of people in their altogether. I'm wondering if next year...hmmm, what is in my future?

Even those clothed people were interesting. There seem to be a lot of tall people here.

Naked people on bicycles. I'm glad it was reasonably warm for them. I still had on my hoody (and pants).

Sometimes camoflauge is more appropriate than others.

We were at the Center of the Universe. So, Yes, the world DOES revolve around me. Here is irrefutable proof that I am at the center of the universe. I couldn't have taken the picture otherwise.

Even Pan, or a close relative thereof, showed up for the parade/party.
I think that says a lot.

I have the Fremont Solstice Parade and Fair on my list again for next year. Excellent parade. It went on for hours. Music and hula hoops, beach balls, bubbles and kids running around and that whole group of people in red with hearts capes hugging everyone. Hey! Even I got a hug!


  1. The naked on bikes as a protest against cars was a few days ago around the world, but our city did not take part. I totally would do that it happened here. Dont know if silver is my color, though...

  2. There were plenty of VERY nice colors. I just noticed a theme with silvers...

    Naked on bikes. I get it now. I kinda like this idea.

  3. AWESOME photos. I'm going to send all my friends to this post so they can see what they missed!

  4. I had no idea this kind of thing happened. Obviously, my province is very uptight!

  5. What an impressive parade this must have been.
    Over here in Athens, Greece impossible even to think of.

  6. Very interesting. I am amazed at the skill of some of the body paint artist that paint so well you can not tell the person is naked.

  7. In a comparative sense, I found myself checking out the paint jobs rather than the body parts. ;-)

  8. did you get any PAINT on ya? (rubbing off I mean)