Thursday, March 19, 2009

What I see

These are images that just jump at me from my new home, Seattle.

Moss - moss grows everywhere.  Moss appears in the strangest places.  
Soft little (some not so little) pods of green furriness just pop out of the ground in the middle of asphalt parking lots, and on roofs, between the shingles.  

I found the reason people wash their cars hereisn't to get rid of 
the road salt, it's to get rid of the algae growing on the sides.  I don't have a picture of that particular car that seems to epitomize this phenomenon for me.  But, when I see it again...I'm posting it here.

I went out and about this evening to West Seattle.  It seems there is a little island west of
 downtown that is it's own microcosmic sub-set of Seattle.  I got to go to a grammar school Science Fair.  My friend's grand-daughter is in second grade.  It's been "forever" since I've been to grade school events.  It was great time.  

I'm learning to keep my camera with me, and today as my friend drove us across the West Seattle bridge I was able to grab some images of the skyline, and the commerce, and industrial America.  Here's a working port.  I'm pleased to see it's working.

Final thought...there might be something in this number seven thing - number seven called me today...I have a meeting on Monday.  Not an interview...just a meeting.  Another seven tomorrow.  This kind of thing just keeps me smiling.  


  1. Oh my gosh, that is pretty insane. I have read that the area is very lush and green.

    Are you having any luck fishing for a job?

    I understand it is a busy place and I have heard from some residents that making friends happens at a slower pace there.

    I can't imagine being tht far North.

    Keep writing. I'm cheering for you on your adventure.


  2. Oh, those pics remind me of my childhood home.
    Good luck on Monday!

  3. I think I crossed that same spot while I was up there last summer. The picture looks familiar. It is a cool port. There is plenty to like.

  4. A green thumb comes easily there, all you need is any kind of surface :-)

    Good luck on Monday, and keep snapping pics!

  5. This entry of yours drew the attention of a reader of mine. He wrote about your discovery of MOSS in my blog. :D WELCOME TO SEATTLE, LUV!