Sunday, March 15, 2009

Scrabbled times

I took time out today to meet up with a group of folks that enjoy playing Scrabble(tm). Four hours and three games later I am pleased to say I was royally beaten three times. Hundred and fifty point spread was my best game. These folks are good. I knew they would be. I checked my ego at the door and went and played as well as I could. I enjoyed meeting new people, between that and Scrabble(tm), it's a good day.

I've been withholding tons of information from these entries into my blog. I have felt to a good degree slapped up side the head since I left Wisconsin. It took four days longer than anticipated to get here. My dad was great. I learned we handle stress very much the same...don't talk about it, just get it fixed, whatever it is. I appreciate this side of my dad. Once I arrived my friend had a live-in already. This kind of takes some mental and physical adjustment. I'm getting my bearings and all is well.

The final throw into the mix was that my son was let go from his position that was firmly established prior to his company sending him out here. It's kind of a crazy piece of shit, the upshot is he is living with us - so now four of us - in the one bedroom apartment. Even his supervisor is reeling from the turn of events that transpired on my son's arrival in Seattle. Something in the background was happening that had nothing to do with my son, he just stepped into the shit that had been laid out prior to his arrival. I'm feeling as though my family has turned into some immigrant family that overruns all the codes of rental policies and persons per bathroom requirements.

And because I am writing this blog from the perspective of an ignoramus that only thinks of herself, I am most flustered by the inability to have some quiet time to myself. To sit for hours to write out my thoughts and get this blather out of me isn't happening. As I put on my pajamas each night (oh! now there's a new thing for me - jeesh) and then make my bed (from the couch) and STILL no one goes to bed (11:30 pm most nights) well, I don't think I'm getting adequate sleep to handle these mental strains very well.

This morning I started in crying before anyone got up. It's not that anything is bad, particularly, it's just the strain. I got dressed rather quickly, made coffee for the gang and as my friend came out the door, surprised to find me a weepy eyed mess, I left and went for a drive. It was just a release. She understands, that's why we're friends. I drove until after noon and then went and got my hair cut, again. Does anyone remember Maggie from Northern Exposure? That's how short my hair is. A month ago I was clipping my hair into my bra strap because that's how long it was. Today my head gets cold.

My son has an interview on Wednesday, and he's house sitting until then. I have four folks to follow up with on Monday working towards getting my interview. Really, I've only been here a week. Everything is fine. Everything is just stressful.

And getting my ass kicked at Scrabble was fun - I really am a messed up piece of meat.


  1. IM so sorry about your son. And that you are feeling stressed out.Im sue it will pass quickly "hugs"

  2. S. I care about you, Sweetie. It's gonna be alright. And, you're not messed up. You're just in a slump.


    Just imagine a big, roomy hotel suite with a balcony overlooking the ocean. It's all yours, S. Room to move and spread your arms wide open and twirl 'round and 'round if you want to.

    You've got a super-king size bed in your bedroom, with shower and full-size Jacuzzi tub. Plus all the thick and thirsty bath towels and bath robes you want. Oh look, there's a note on the vanity. It reads, "Dear Ms. S.- Please call for a massage therapist any time day or night, as often as you like, and one of our staff will come up to your suite to serve you."

    Now back out to the living room where you also find a gift basket filled with a wonderful assortment of luxurious goodies. Mmm, yes, peace and quiet, room to breathe and stretch-out, order room service, take a walk along the beach, read a book-uninterrupted, or your favorite...The New York Times, Sunday edition.

    And you can stay as long as you like, S. A weekend, a week, it's up to you. :)

    Hmm, what did you find there? Another note? It reads, "Dear Ms. S. - Would be delighted if you would join me tonight for dinner and drinks in the hotel's very fine 5-star restaurant and bar."

    Signed, A. Friend

  3. Keep the faith.....and what's left of the hair!!
    If Maggie was the pilot, I thought she was dynamite. So, I guess you're doing OK. NE is one of the best sows ever made, by the way.
    Good luck with whatever the interview is for and about. I hope it materializes quickly and you get the sort of thing you want.

  4. shows, not sows. I don't know enough about pigs to have a strong opinion regarding sow quality.

  5. Juan - and here I thought you were providing a two letter word for pig. I could've used it today. :)

    Bear - Just what I needed, a luxury suite. Hey big spender, thanks for spending it on me. :)

  6. Sorry, just thought you could use a visual of something big, roomy, comfortable and relaxing.

    It ain't reality, but it's the best I can do at the moment.

  7. Heck, three people in a two bedroom apartment is too much.

    I think short hair is cool, and not just temperature wise.

  8. oh goodness, Bear!!! I was loving it, don't retract! Thank you, for real. :)

    And yes, Doug - I am so diggin' the short hair.