Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Dream Interpretation

January this year was thick with dreams.  Every one of them seemed to have some information.  There was the gunpowder dream - where I was searching my brain for things to use instead of gunpowder for a muzzleloader, even though I was in no danger.  What's with the muzzleloader?  I have no idea.  I just know I only had a little bit of gunpowder and I was wondering if I could mix sugar with it to get a good blast, just one good shot.  My friend with me in the dream reminded me I would need to clean the gun afterwards and sugar may be the worst of my suggestions.  Gunpowder, I found out, tends to signify a sudden change of residence.  OK, did that - in 19 days.

Then there's the dream with the beautiful Italian Villa set against steep cliffs on the seaside.  When the wave came crashing in, literally horizontal onto the cliffs, well, the Villa was inconsequential.  This crashing wave easily follows basic dream interpretation as the onslaught of resources that have innundated my move and my job search.  I am blessed - even while I get uneasy at times.

The last dream I had prior to packing up the U-haul was a dream in a car, trying to negotiate an unmonitored intersection.  It's raining.  I can barely see through the windshield.  I have to get across these six lanes of road in order to get to a hospital.  Yet, once I get across the road and up to the hospital, even though I am picking up someone at the Emergency door, it is not an emergency.  And we park the car to visit some dogs that are having a good time in the ambulance parked nearby. - I didn't get much out of basic interpretation.  I couldn't figure this one out.  BUT,  Interesting that I went to pick up my son at the job he lost last week (at a hospital) and this week I dropped him off to housesit and take care of the sweetest dogs I've met in forever.  Maybe it wasn't my dream, but his.  

Regardless,  I don't have any dreams "outstanding" waiting for the prophetic nature to be proven.  The dogs in the ambulance dream was the last of the dreams I can remember.

The sense of de jevu I experience every day is thick.  Synchronicity is working away and I know all things are in sequence.  I don't ask when.  I don't ask what.  I don't ask.  But, boy I'm watching everything.  The dreams have been fun.  I'd like some more of these.  


  1. I tend to confuse dreams with reality sometimes. Hard to define the line between the two. Fortunately I rarely have nightmares.

  2. Ah! Livin' the dream, I see. Good work, keep it up.

  3. Um,

    Are you stressed, worried or uncomfortable?

    Watching you start your life again terrifies me. You give me hope that perhaps I can do it on a much smaller scale in my quest for a different career.

    You are brave. I like brave.