Thursday, March 26, 2009

All Grown Up

It is definitly an non-regular day - because here's a photo of my youngest child.  The photo is fifteen years old.  She'll be graduating high school this June.  What a ride she's given us.   Strong willed, tempermental, insistent and extremely impatient.  Above all, she's on track and always has been.  The saving grace for this girl is she goes after what she wants.  I wonder where she gets that?

my baby...


  1. she's very pretty......I'm not sure at what age the patience gene kicks in......

  2. Impatience is a life long thing. I manage to cover my impatience most of the time.

    If she has your tenacity, she will always get what she wants.

  3. And what a lovely little lady she turned out to be!

  4. very familiar....congrats mom!