Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Is it me?

What's with the car issues? My friend "borrowed" me her car today so I could meet up with her after work for her birthday dinner in Chinatown. And she could drive us all home. But, on the way to a lovely dinner with her and her family the hose to the radiator decided to unhinge and pour antifreeze all over the road. Thank goodness I had taken a wrong turn and was waiting to get back into rush hour traffic when a fellow motorist waved for my attention and pointed this out. I was spewing antifreeze all down the street. It's not my car. I am in unfamiliar territory. The last thing I need to do is overheat her car (a BMW for god's sake-I thought they were built better than that-pshaw, it's just a car after all.) on her birthday. I had picked up my son to add to the celebration. We pulled over at the first available parking lot just as the red overheat lamp came on the dashboard. Son and I had drinks and appetizers at the restaurant and got a ride home from his roommate. I know her car is at exit 26 of the I-405 with a note in it saying don't tow me. I know the restaurants for that parking lot are Outback Steakhouse, Crystal Cafe and Bonefish something or other. I can get her back to her car, I just don't have any better bearings than what I stated above. I just wish every car I touch this month didn't fall apart. I'm starting to get a complex.


  1. Most BMW owners I know have all sorts of problems...

  2. I've decided I had the car so that she didn't have to deal with it on her birthday.

    Just being her wingman...

  3. stay FAR away from My truck...ok? Actually...you can ride with Me anytime...you just can't take it by yourself...

  4. Darn, I wish I could have put nephew #2 on the job. That's a tough break.
    One of the reasons I avoid borrowed cars.
    I hope it gets taken care of quick.

  5. I fixed a rad hose with a short tire iron and a Big Gulp cup once. I was lucky to break down next to a tiny stream :-)