Sunday, August 29, 2010

Got a match?

I signed onto eHarmony a couple months back. My mom called to tell me the "free weekend promotion" is going on. I caved in to the parental pressure and sign on. I took the test. It was actually all pretty interesting stuff. I stayed pretty neutral and put my search at a fifty mile radius. This garnered me matches clear up to the Canadian border and far south of Seattle. All the matches were clearly based on what I'd entered. (Garbage in, garbage out? Actually I'd spent a little time and thought on it all.) I still get "matches" delivered to my e-mail every day. I consider it junk mail at this point. But, it's the only mail I get these days.

Thing is...I received a couple of "requests for communication" (sound lovely doesn't it?...not) after the free weekend was done. I found myself looking at these profiles and wondering if it is worth the $60 to be able to respond. I decided against it. So, what's the deal? I've been known in recent history to spend $150 or so to see someone - and it was worth every dime, but I won't spend $60 for the privelege of emailing a known "match"?

When did life get so sticky? When did it become verboten to show an interest in anyone? Just saying hi and making eye contact is inviting tsk-tsking from onlookers. And hey, how come guys come right out and ask, "Are you single?" but as a girl when I asked the question it was an affront to his sensibilities? And no, he's married. I only made a fool of myself that once. In my age group the double standard still applies. I'll get over it and end up making a fool of myself again, but later...not today.

I'm just whining. There's nothing to be done about it. Let me rephrase that...I really don't care to do anything about it. Life is just interesting.