Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sleeping on It

Sleeping on it can help a situation. Actually, I don't know that any situation is configured like a bed, or a couch, or a wide stretch of upturned nails. So, sleeping on it - the proverbial "it"- is still undefined. I went to bed last night, read several more pages of the book I am to present this morning and eventually slept. So, for all purposes I slept on a bed. But I woke up this morning with an answer to a situation that presented itself yesterday. (Yes, I finished the reading and I've already outlined my presentation - get off my case. (Someone is "on" my case? Are they standing or sitting on my case? Is my case a briefcase? Is it leather or canvas? Is it more of a messenger bag? Is this ADD?)

The situation that arose yesterday is that I do not have enough flowered red fabric to complete the quilt (see yesterday's photo). I bought the fabric at least five years ago. The chances of finding it again are getting slimmer by the day, even if it is a staple fabric style of the times . I prefer not to spend my money on more fabric. I'm going out of town later this week and I'd like to spread my money around these couple of states - boost the economy if you will. I've opened boxes to see what kind of fabics I have stashed away. From that exercise I learned I don't have any "stash" (as the quilting community calls it). I decided the quilt will not get finished any time soon and off I went to read my book for today and fall asleep.

First thoughts of the morning can be grand. First thoughts. I love first thoughts. They are insightful, even if it is not altogether pleasant. Like the time several years ago I heard my boss call to me in the most aggravated tone I could imagine. In any case...first thought this morning is that I have plenty, and I mean plenty, of blue jean fabric to cut more circles and the red flowered fabric can be used as the center or the edges as highlight and "pop" rather than throughout the quilt.

In other words, I may still finish this quilt this soon as I get back from this book presentation. (I do like my the very least, it is interesting to me.)


  1. The sentiment in the last, parenthesized statement is all that matters, in my humble opinion.

  2. I can't wait to see your finished quilt! I know it will be great because you seem so artistic!

  3. I was thinking, if there is not enough fabric, make the quilt smaller and find a way to shrink the recipient down to proportionate size.