Monday, August 9, 2010

In the Woods

Writer’s Camp Cramp Camp

I spent my weekend in the woods. Is it writer's camp or writer's cramp? And is that plural or possesive? Because, in this instance it should be singular and I'd love to be possessive - but I don't want to own it. These are simply notes to myself.

In the woods...the deer are fearless.
In the photo below the chickens are camera shy.
Which is too bad because they are amazingly colorful
and funny and one in particular is especially talkative
(no video/audio here to prove a thing).
The chickens and I had quite the conversations several times during the weekend. I thought the russet colored chicken and I hit it off rather well. Actually, she talks a lot, and will follow one around to make sure she has an audience for her monologue. I understand this kind of behavior. Of course, not first hand...okay maybe.

It just kinda got personal when I picked her up to hear her better and she got nervous (as I'm sure I would) and she shat down the side of my dress (which I know I wouldn't). It was my fault. I picked her up without a whole lot of warning.

Wait a minute here, I warned her, and I even took my time. I made my intentions clear. In fact, she didn't ruffle a feather when I picked her up. Not a single one (which I found amazing). It wasn't until she was well nestled close in and burbling away about all her troubles that she let loose all down my dress. All I'm saying here is "chicken shit" has a full and deliberate meaning; a coy, talkative, full and deliberate meaning.