Friday, November 5, 2010

Giant Hallways

She works in a City of Giants. Each day she alights from the tram, smiles at the conductor and walks the path to the mountain. She descends the stairs down into the mountain. Each day she ascends the stairs on the inside the mountain. Each day she turns the corner at the the Giant Plaza and let's the giant at the door open it for her. It is a big door. A giant door. She cannot reach the handle. He closes it after she has gone inside. She is not a giant. She is small, and her feet tap like birds feet on the stone hallways. She necessarily steps aside as Giants go past. She walks quickly but it takes a long time to traverse the hallways among giants.

Sometimes the giants are talking as she enters another hallway or passes a cave inside the mountain. Their voices reverberate on the mountain walls above her. They all hush up as she walks past. Their faces follow her as her little steps seem to scurry her past them. Then they start to talk again, the hollow mountain echoing overhead with deep voices.


  1. Hmmm....Sounds like a wild dream.

  2. Where are the knights on bicycles, carrying their missives from other mountains, to give to the Giants?

  3. Knights on bicycles? I like this.

    It is a lonely feeling. I must be feeling small these days. Very small. [Steve Martin's Let's Get Small routine comes to mind and makes me smile...]

    Knights on bicylces...hmmm.