Thursday, March 4, 2010

Breaking News

It appears I will again be able to spend precious time with my blog in the near future. I love blogging but, ya' know it takes time to do that. So for my day job, the contract I am currently working may yet come to an end. In fact, yes the end is in sight. This is a good news, bad news day. I'm not sure I wanted this position to continue, but I hate to see any gig end. It looks like I will have another four weeks of work anyway, but I have yet to get official word.

In other news, my April daughter will be moving in with me in April. And my May baby is moving to San Diego (or maybe Orange County) in May. Funny how those things work. Both my girls will be in my time-zone again. This is wonderful, good, forward-moving news.

So I suppose life isn't all about running (as my blog seems to have been taken over by my jogging escapades). While I've been careful to be running toward things, and not away from them, there have been several runs that I have just made running the number one thing I am doing and let the every other thought wait until I get back. Some things I just don't want to feel.

There's the news for today then. I'll return you to your regularly scheduled program.

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  1. Carry on, then. See you when you go on hiatus :-)