Friday, March 12, 2010

In The News

Remember the Saturday Morning Segment put on my CBS between cartoons (back when they still showed Road Runner & Tom & Jerry?) called "In the News". It was CBS's way of taking care of my Social Studies requirements. It was a nice try. Mostly I remember the voice of the narrator when he would finish the segment saying, "In the news." I wonder that this has added to the news junkie's of a whole generation. CBS might've known what they were doing.

I was a news junkie from my mid-20's up through my mid-40's. I am experiencing an extreme backlash. I avoid television news in a vast myriad of ways. Foremost, I don't turn on the television.

Best thing is that if it truly is important someone somewhere has let me know. I have relearned that news can be wonderful as easily as it can be not so wonderful.

Today, so far, I have heard news of a friend's possible new job (a year in the making). I have heard of a man downtown that had duct taped a pipe on himself. And I have heard the weekend weather forecast. All this without so much as glancing at the news.

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