Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Cleaning up

To continue the thought from my last post, the thought of "getting ready" for the next era, age whatever you wish to call it, I have a feeling my life vaguely resembles the wonderful Disney/Pixar character, Wall-e. Wall-e is a little droid that cleans up the earth after the departure of people. It's a cute little movie. (These are the crazy ramblings my brain takes on when I'm running...welcome to my brain on endorphins.)

Wall-e is rather a happy little dude, doing what it is he does. He collects treasures throughout his days and takes them home to surround himself with all these interesting momentoes. While I have a more minimalist lifestyle, I certainly feel I have collected my share of momentoes - mental and otherwise. And I certainly feel I am doing a minimalist work for a greater good. Other than that...Wall-e just downright adorable. I'm working on that part.


  1. He looks like one of my old girlfriends!

  2. I started to minimize, but got stuck trying to decide what to keep and what to throw out (easy answer: everything).

    You don't need any work on the adorable part in my opinion :-)