Sunday, March 21, 2010

At the Brewery

Every week the team runs from a new location. I am getting my sightseeing in at the same time as training for this marathon. This week we met at the Redhook Brewery. I find it interesting it is right next door to the St Michel Winery. Why couldn't we meet there?

Have I mentioned I like my coaches? I love my coaches. Here's some of our coaches reminding us this is an endurance run, not a speed event. They are probably taking about hydration or nutrition here. I appreciate the reminders. It's still cool out and I do forget to drink more water. If it were hot I would be hydrating without being reminded (I hope).

This week my legs have been feeling like Jello during the day. The runs have been great. I warm up slow, the second half is strong - and a little faster. But, during the day when I stand up it takes a moment for my legs to warm up under me. I mentioned this to Coach yesterday and she asked me if I am doing any strength training. My initial reaction was, "Well, yes. I'm running." But, nooooo. According to my coach I'm supposed to be doing strength training on top of all this running. When I'm done exercising I should be getting in some exercising. I'm still mulling on that one. Maybe I'll take that beer after all.

Here I was doing so good too. I ran 5 miles in 60 minutes. This is very good. This is grand. I'm working up to a 10 minute mile. This half marathon is still going to take me 2 hours. And the sight-seeing has been lovely.

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