Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Joys of After Market - or light at the end of the tunnel

And here's to the Joys of Craigslist as well. I am unable to access eBay from work, but is available. I have a new AirPort wireless card I'll be picking up tomorrow. I feel rather dead in the water without internet access at home. Truth be told, I have finished two books since Sunday when my internet wireless card bit the dust.

Once I pick up the AirPort wifi card I get to be a computer geek for a little bit until it is installed. I am told (there's a scary phrase), I am told that Mac's are notoriously intuitive and self-explanatory to fix. I'm crossing my fingers anyway.

Someone remind me to uncross my fingers once I actually begin the installation process. It should be easier to install if my fingers are all in proper placement.


  1. Supposedly, Macs just work, but I have no experience with current models, just a couple of ancient mid 90s models that passed through my life circa 2004-ish :-)

  2. even so, I found it useful to find some way of checking the install online before doing it. Or asking at the mac store.