Tuesday, March 9, 2010

On the work front

There is a man several cubicles over that types very hard and loud on his computer keyboard. When he types the linoleum floor of the office space reverberates the staccato popping of his typing to bounce these noises like billiard balls into each of our cubicles. I wonder that he finishes with the eight ball still on the table. Regardless, his typing came up as a subject today between my next door cubby neighbor and I. She was pondering why anyone would pound so hard on their keyboard.

I can only come up with one answer. His keyboard, it appears, is lined with gold and the only way to get the gold out is to type very very hard and the gold will tap out onto his desk so he can sweep it up each night into his palm and feel wealthy.

Everyone...check your keyboards.


  1. Too much coffee spilled on it, and when he pounds hard enough, the dried coffee shoots out onto the floor. He sweeps that off the floor and takes that to the coffee room and recycles it back into the coffee can.