Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Leg Bone's connected to the...

Yes, it's marathon madness again. Not so much the bones that are keeping me from doing the mile in under 6 minutes (dream on!) but the muscles.
According to the above picture and my coach - have I mentioned how much I love my coach? - the bicep femoris and semimembranosus as well as the vestus lateralis are extremely tight and need a deep tissue massage. Coach says to roll around on some frozen tennis balls to get the deep tissue massage I need. We're basically talking about my butt muscles becoming tight - but not in a good way - because of the workout the side and rear muscles are getting.

I don't know about the frozen tennis balls yet. They are still in the freezer. I've been stretching yoga style - the pidgeon pose among others. I find it interesting that I found my coach to ask about the stiffness in the muscles surrounding my knee and instead she says it's the muscles that reach up the side of my leg and are part of my hip and gluteus maximus. The more I stretch those muscles this evening the less my knee bothers me. Who am I to question?

Songs going through my head...Hip bone connected to the leg bone. The leg bone connected to the shin bone. Or better yet, let's get out some spoons and do the hambone.


  1. The hand bone connected to the thigh bone, the mouth bone connected to the...

    Sorry, wrong song ;-)

  2. The wife and I both use golf balls to roll around wit the bottoms of our feet. This helps the circulation quite a bit. Dont know if it would work on butt muscles or not tho. Anyway the best of luck to ya

  3. Is that a man wearing a thong?
    I'm not sure how one would roll on frozen tennis balls. It must work if you develop the skill required to perform such an act.