Wednesday, December 2, 2009


I'll be back to work on Monday. I'm told it's a furshure thing this time, funds have been allocated and everything is a go. Somehow, by having an end date on my time I feel called into action. This afternoon I found myself walking/jogging until just before sunset (which is horribly, terribly early).
And came home to use the "bowflex" thingy for awhile. I love the way my back feels after even just a couple repetitions. If the Weider/Bowflex hadn't been left on my balcony I wouldn't miss it. While I've been off work this last stretch I've learned a couple of moves on it that always feel good. (Yes, I'm showing off a bit - hey, I'm even showing off to me!)
I've been consistently working on the book for my mom and the quilt for my daughter. Today, it felt good to get outside for me. I've only 4 days left, for me.


  1. We can't have you hanging around getting fit and being productive.

  2. Cheers buddy. Glad you are well.