Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Relationship Mending among Strangers (Update)

I love Freecycle.org. I am having a fine time checking my e-mail to see what amazing things people are giving away for free. I've gotten some things free - chairs and a curio cabinet to date. I decided to post some stuff I don't want and see what happens.

The subject line reads: "Offer - Books: Relationship Mending". The books in question are two written by Dr. Phil, and one written by Harley or Farley or something. I wrote the post very clean - titles, hardcover with dust jackets, that kind of thing. That evening I got a couple responses from women that are interested (I have yet to have anyone come by to pick the books up). As I checked the following morning I saw a response from a male e-mailer. I opened this reply to read, "Did they work?"

I do believe this is a reasonable and well thought out response. The books are being given away free, wouldn't you wonder?

I replied, "Too funny. I wondered if someone would ask. The friend that gave them to me appears very happy. I am happily single. We'll have to take her word for it."

His reply this morning, " I figured you'd think I was funny or I was a jerk. I use the old fashioned relationship repair kit so now she's pregnant. Her mother even recently moved in with us."

I thought about replying that maybe he should have given the books a try first. Somehow that seems a moot point. MarlaJ will be stopping by tonight for the books. I hope she's not pregnant.

**Edit: Marla came by. No, she's not pregnant. :) **


  1. I'm all for free stuff, but I wish I didn't have quite so much of it left from when Chris and Emily lived here :-)

    Aren't relationships supposed to get feeble and die...? Hmmm.

  2. Sorry Doug, the concensus is that relationships are supposed to deepen and grow stronger. Unlike chairs.

  3. A good relationship will grow stronger and deepen. Good post. I'll check freecycle. There is also a section of free stuff in Craigslist.

    Merry Christmas,