Thursday, December 24, 2009

Bus Rides on Holiday

I forgot to mention earlier this week that a bus driver took the wrong turn one morning. What a crack up. Halfway down a street we don't normally drive down she starts talking into the microphone, "Huh, didn't know this street was open. I think we'll just turn around and get back on the route. Might get you folks there sooner."

Every day something interesting happens. Good morning to each of you. Today shall be interesting too. So, tell me what interesting, abnormal, out of the blue, itsy-bitsy thing, or momentous occassion happened to you today?


  1. I drove back from Toronto, and was only slowed down by bumper to bumper traffic for about ten miles :-)

    Merry Christmas, S!

  2. An old guy swore at me, but he was back today and apologized. I was impressed!

  3. Everyday it's something. I love this stuff.