Sunday, August 14, 2016

Atma Yoga Classes

Today was the first day of yoga teacher training class.    I've been studying the last two weeks for this class.  Today was the first day of "contact" hours for my newest learning endeavor.  I really shouldn't worry so much.  We had a wonderful class.  I believe we will all be fine and compassionate and learned yoga teachers.  I enjoy the instructor, and I very much enjoyed the interactive participation of the group.  There are fourteen people, when I think to count.  Maybe there are only eleven students...we have three teacher trainers.

Atma Yoga is located in Tacoma, Washington.  And oh, what a beautiful day in Tacoma.  I fell in love with Opera Alley near our studio/teaching lounge.  Jazz club on the corner is B Square.  it is now on my list for the next night out for jazz.  No need to drive the hour to Seattle, I can get my jazz fix nearer to home.
Tacoma has beautiful murals all through the city.  I had no idea.  Tacoma seems like the best kept secret in Western Washington.  It's a sleepy little city on a least during our break for lunch between asana-s practices and lectures.  

Atma  is the sanskrit word for the individual soul or essence within the universal.  Or as dictionary .com says: the individual self, known after enlightenment to be identical with Brahman. 

We spoke of Atma at length in class.  Though it is not the definition given during class - I truly believe definition is spot on.

This is going to be a great fall.  I am looking forward to the journey...and Tacoma has grabbed my attention too.