Sunday, March 27, 2011

Day 3

I made it to day 3. Not that I didn't go clean out my bedroom a little bit looking for any leftovers. Yes, I would have smoked 'em. Of course, just to finish them off and really have a clean house. But, the house was clean, so I've made it to day 3.

It wasn't a big craving...but it was a craving yesterday as I checked hiding places in the closet and my bureau. Today it's a little more. Nothing too bad. I did find the hynosis CD I got that time I went through hypnosis for this. I remember listening to it a couple times and thinking I need to rewrite it to better fit my issues. I've not listened to it yet this weekend. I haven't found my earphones. I'm pretty sure my daughters would be thrilled to turn down the television (disney channel of course) to let me listen to this CD. If I end up listening to it for the week, or month as is recommended, I will definitely be rewriting it. I'm not sure I'm a good hypnosis candidate. I just know I feel wonderful after a hypnosis session. I feel wonderful for months. What a great drug!

Still breathing.


  1. I found myself a great new drug too something called placebo enjoy your week ahead. "HUGS"

  2. I love-LOVE-Seattle.Been there many times in the past.However, now with new American regulations of having a passport to cross the border? Its far too expensive for us.I miss seeing and adventuring your cities:)