Thursday, March 10, 2011


I was perusing old e-mails looking for a particular link I wanted to share with a co-worker. Motivational stuff I thought would be useful. Instead of finding the e-mail I was looking for I found the e-mail regarding being laid off at work from two years ago. I find myself wallowing in it.

I wonder, of all the things I give away, toss out, clear from my space, why do I keep all my e-mails? Why did I keep that one? It should be motivational - I mean really, what a way to re-start life. It was certainly motivating at the time. I'm not feeling motivated at the moment. I scroll through all the e-mails in that one folder alone (the folder marked family) and I am struck by the missed opportunities, the dreams not made manifest. I wonder, any other day would I be seeing the connections that were made, the funnies that were shared, the airline tickets that have criss-crossed the country? I am sorry that I came across that e-mail. I'm sorry that I opened it again and read it. AND YET, I'm not sure I'm ready to delete it. Why is that?


  1. Being rejected can be a big motivation. I still have a letter where they told me that I would be let go if I did not make my quota right when I was first in the stock brokerage business.

    I still read it for motivation if I feel sorry for myself.

    It may be valuable to you. It is a reminder that in business you need to take care of yourself first.


  2. I still have messages and emails that are downright nasty, a reminder that no matter what my intentions are, they don't necessarily make a good impression.

    But other than that, I dunno either.

  3. sometimes, when changes are big, evidence from the past -even unpleasant- serves as proof it existed.