Thursday, March 31, 2011

7 Days

Tuesday I almost blew it. I asked to bum one. I didn't mean it. And nobody came up with anything to smoke, and I was glad for that. I did realize that the hardest time for me is when I am coming home from work. I breath funny during that time. In through the nose, out through the mouth. It helps get over any cravings.

April Fools Day tomorrow. I'd love to come up with a treat for myself. Just to celebrate April.

I got in touch with the coaches from the marathon last year to see if they want any help with the water stops. I will be helping out this Saturday and twice in May. It makes me want to run again. I should find a group that runs the mountains trails around here. I know people do. I should be looking for a group. I'll be signing up for tennis in the meantime. It's all good.

And I made it a week. not bad...


  1. No smoking buddy. Rationally you know this of course. I have never smoked so I cannot imagine what you go through.

    I have never aspired to run a marathon. I would injure myself. I do stay in 10k shape year round as I do run 20 or so miles a week. I am a much better swimmer although I'm lucky to swim 3-5 miles a week.

    We have a friend from Jayess that is about to make a life change similar to yours. You are brave. I just want you to know that I admire this in you. I suspect she wants to escape Seattle. Interesting twist...

    be well.


  2. I'd rather walk than run unless there's a bicycle handy :-)

    I'm back to a half pack a day, but I'm weak. You are not.