Monday, March 21, 2011

22.5 Average

The average age of my grown children is 22.5 years. My son and his girlfriend are visiting this week. So far I'm able to keep up with Thing 1, Thing 2, Son and Significant Other during this visit. It's not necessarily easy. No one seems to get horizantal, as in bedtime, until 2 am or so. I wonder by putting in an 8 hour day at work and then going on to play with them in the evening if I may actually be "besting" them at the stamina game.

I remember playing like my babies when they were still in diapers, lying on the floor kicking their feet in the air. So, I'd try it. That stuff wore me out (never mind looking silly). But I kept up with them. Geesh, here I am 20+ years later still keeping up with them.

Last night was home video night. I've not heard my offspring laugh so hard, so completely, in years. They thought their dad's mullet was hilarious. They laughed even harder to see their brother with a mullet of his own (at age seven) in the very next scene. They howled in laughter at the dog pushing one of them off the sofa. All three were riveted to the tv for the next scene, entranced. Amazing stuff. I enjoyed watching them laugh more than watching the video they were watching.

Oh, I want to go home and crawl into bed. Yet, more than that, I want to arrive at the restaurant fresh and full of pep for the great dinner we have planned. Time is too short. I'm grabbing every speck laid before me.


  1. I love having both boys and one significant other home at the same time (this weekend, woot!) or even getting together 150 miles away, like last Wednesday.

    I hope the laughter carries on tonight and always, S.