Monday, March 14, 2011


It's Pi day. I had visions of Chicken pot pi for dinner. But, no. Dinner tonight was voted in as casserole day - casserole with pasta. The pasta thing is partly with the thought that this is National Pasta Month. I offered to put the casserole in a crust. That was voted down too.

When is National Strawberry and Peaches month? I've got a jonesing.

PS: If Japan is 13 feet closer to the US does this mean I have to move my fence? And it is possible that Ms. Palin can see Russia now.

Final thought - Scientists are publishing that the day is now microseconds shorter than it was previous to the earthquake last week. Truly there is not enough time in the I have hard scientific evidence of this.

I find myself wondering - how long was a day four hundred years ago? Is it like women's dress sizes in America? Maybe the day was twenty four hours like now, but it was a longer twenty four hours. Maybe I still wear a size 9, it's just a larger size 9. (OHMYGOD, I am rolling on the floor laughing at myself - hahahahaha, size 9 hahahaha. Oh my, I can be so funny.)


  1. You silly goose!


  2. I missed Pi day. Missed Pancake Tuesday, too. TSK.

  3. I guess it won't make standing in line or waiting for water to boil go any faster. What if it just makes everything speed up so the same amount fits into a pi x D travel of the earth's surface?

  4. lol! Is there a size nine now?