Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Not my Sock Collection

I appreciate the swapping of dollars during the holidays. While I am spending money on flowers, gloves, things of art...that kind of stuff, for gifts for those I love there are the ones I love doing the same for me. This year was the Great Cash Swap. Since the cash was a gift I felt compelled to purchase things just for me, as if it was a gift. Seemed fitting. I renewed my sock collection, for starters. I updated one of my cardigans even. And then I did the ultimate...I spent the rest all on one thing. I got me one big thing all at once. I'm still surprised. It's hard for me to surprise me. I got an iPad with wireless keyboard. I'm so cool.


  1. Getting one big thing is a great feeling. Kinda cuts down on the fluff ya know?

  2. ipad? Whoa, I hope you sent yourself a thank you note.

  3. That is so incredibly awesome. I got an iPad too (completely love it!).