Monday, December 13, 2010

If ideas feed's a banquet

In the mess of papers I have been attempting to make order from [okay, trying to toss them out - but I have to read them first, you know.] I found and rescued five [yes, as in the number 5] stories that either need cleaning up, or finishing.

The fairytale blog is coming along. The plan is to write and post three stories a week. For a year. Right now I feel like I'm filling the chute. I started carrying a little [really little] notebook to jot down ideas in. One idea per page - in one week - eight pages. It truly is amazing how an idea feeds on itself if you let it. (So, choose wisely which ideas to feed on.)

There is a quote [I should go look for the author except I'm paraphrasing so heavily], A writer writes, and writes, and writes. An author writes and writes then throws out most of it, only keeping what is good. Today, I'm a writer.

Throughout the year there's going to be some stories that fall flat on their face [I hope to cull those out before I hit "publish post"]. And then there'll be some real sparklers, some unforgettable stories that take hold and hang on. These are what I write for.

I take requests. And they are fun to write. Doug, per your request I wrote a story with a messenger on a bicycle heading for the Mountain of the Giants. This is the'll have to wait until the blog opens to read it. [wink, wink]


  1. That is a ton of writing. Cheers!!!

  2. Heh heh. A literary present just for me :-)
    Looking forward to all of your tales, S.