Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Somebody's sister

I talked to my little brother Monday night on the phone while I waited for the bus. I live in Seattle. He lives in Manhattan. My 5:00 pm is his 8:00 pm. I prefer to talk on the phone after I get home for the night. I also prefer to talk to my brother when he is awake. I'm not so good with time management - in that, I have not made a concerted effort to talk to my brother since August. I miss him.

My mother fills me in with the major events in my brother's life. So to hear he has bought a new home is humongous. I heard the news in late October, maybe it was November. I don't know. I just know the kids are doing great and the whole family will be moving to temporary digs while the new place is getting a major overhaul before they move in (seems fixer-upper is an understatement). Thing is we are chatting on the phone yesterday, laughing about moving and up-heavals and discussing the differences between the Webster meaning of "fixer-upper" and Realtor-ese meanings of "fixer-upper" and various other terms. It's no big deal. But, I feel better today. I always feel better after talking to my brothers.

My little brother has been meaning to call me when he read an article in the NYTimes. Tuesday morning he sent me the link. It seems my brother has been meaning to call me since October 25th. Gee Whiz! You'd think we're from the same family!

Oh, that's right...we are.


  1. As long as you understand each other that is all that matters.


  2. I have four sisters, and I talk with the second oldest one (27 months younger than I) than I do with the others or my brother. We have similar interests. I usually call her, though, she hardly ever calls me :-)

  3. Interesting article, and nice of your brother to send it to you. I can see how that would work. I wanted a sister, but NO, you can't have one!!
    However I've found there are times being able to talk to a female friend makes a huge difference and there is no way a male friend can fill that spot.
    I bet it is a good thing to have a sister or two.