Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Rule #78

The year has begun wonderfully. I hope everyone has had as good a first week of the new year.

Rule #78 - Base decisions on what you want, not what you have. Decisions today can only affect the future not the past.

My exercise last week was for one day to base every decision on what I wanted in the future, not how my life was at that moment. I wanted my bus card full so I could go to work - done. I wanted to have fun stuff for Sunday breakfast - done. I wanted to relax each night and not worry about laundry - oh that got done back then too. Today is yesterday's future. Even if for only one day a week I base all my decisions on the future - shoot...this is cool.


  1. POWERFUL statement. Thanks for sharing it. (So true!) Seek that which you want and do NOT allow what people around you say in a negative fashion to hold you back.

    Be true to yourself. Live authentically. Winners NEVER give up!


  2. This is wonderful! And I agree with Suntiger too... it's going to be a wonderful 2011!