Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Slush of Christmas

A friend of mine does one giving/charity thing a year. She's adamant that she does this one event. She is adamant that she only needs to do this event. It takes three weekends between Thanksgiving and Christmas and she's done and happy. I say, Bravo.

As we were hanging out this weekend my friend was filling me in on the goings on with her event. Two weekends ago the group had come together at the storage garage and sorted and counted and generally put all the donations in order. Last weekend the group had gone out to the storage garage and filled stockings, gotten all the gifts wrapped that called for wrapping and had set up stations for getting the goods to the event next weekend. This coming week-end is the give-away for those that have signed up.

Here's the part that surprised me...They also went to a neighboring group that does the same thing (but earlier this year) and picked up all the goodies that had not been taken. It was a lot. Add to my surprise that previous years that other group usually came to my friend's group and picked up the left-overs. There are always a lot.

I had no idea. There is a slush in giving. Amazing.


  1. Maybe they can take the left overs and cruise the city for likely recipients. That would be a fun thing to do.
    But it is sometimes tougher to pull off than one might think.
    Nice that the events themselves run a surplus