Thursday, November 19, 2009

I'm Legal!

They can't kick me out any longer for being a slacker. I actually spent the time today getting a proper Washington State Driver's License. Most of the time I sat and waited for my number to be called. Amazingly, I did not fill out a single form. I took no test. I handed over my Wisconsin state license, my passport and a utility bill with my current address and the woman behind the desk did all the typing. She asked me if I've ever held a Washington state driver's license (no), do I want to be registered to vote (yes), do I want to be an organ donor (yes). I really only had to do three things...I did have to prove that I can see. I did have to sign two things, the card with the little yellow box and my check made out to DOL (which I take means Department of Licensing). Ta da. I got my picture taken and a paper copy of my license (mock-up proof style) until the real deal comes in the mail. As the woman handed me the paper license she even smiled and said, "Welcome to Washington."

I heard it on the radio this morning...I live in the North Wet!

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