Friday, November 27, 2009

Seattle Tourist - Ferry Rides

The sun was shining, actually shining this morning. I understand this is a strange and rare occassion this time of year here in the great north wet. I took my coffee and croissant down to Edmonds Beach. I love Edmonds Beach, and Richmond Beach and Gateway Beach...okay I love the beaches. While I watched the single gull on the beach lurking for a piece of my croissant the ferry came in. Oh, this ferry is one I've wanted to ride from the first time I watched them going in and out this last summer.
I am feeling this morning a bit defeated (read disposal issues) and just unsettled which I won't share here. I drove the three minutes back home, bundled up, grabbed a notebook for writing (okay, so that part didn't work) and headed back to Edmonds. Three hour parking is all I needed.
The view from inside the walkway. All I'm thinking is that it is about time I took this trip.
From the deck the view of the Puget Sound is spectacular, but the pilings are in focus.
206 cars fit on the ferry. At Edmonds/Kingston ferry there are two boats that crisscross the sound - the Spokane and the Puyallup
Coming into Kingston. Is this a sunny, wonderful, perfect day or what?!
Both Edmonds and Kingston have a lovely marina. I love dark hulled sailboats.
In the shadows - long tall sally.

The Puyallup is a nicer boat. Maybe it's newer. The breeze had picked up by the time I was on the return trip. The wind was whipping by so strong around the bow I could feel my glasses move on my face. I walked the decks on the sunny side both coming and going. Soaking it in.

Kingston is a lovely, small, sedate town. Just what I needed today. The view of the houses on the slopes nearby was provincial and inviting. There is a quilt shop on the Kingston side that garnered most of my time, though none of my money. Maybe next time. But, next time I want to bring my bike over to the island and bike through the neighborhoods and wooded areas I could see from the ferry. Best thing, pay one way, the way home is free. A bike is only a $1 premium. An excellent three hours for all of $7. Tourism on a shoestring.


  1. Imagine that, a ferry, a marina, an island and a town named Kingston :-) We have the wind, too. We don't have a charge for using the ferry, though, bike or not. That's due to some long ago pork barreling that would be extremely difficult to reverse :-)

    Oh, and it takes about ten minutes to bike to the dock, but I never remember what times the ferry leaves ;-)

  2. I dated a guy, who married a woman one month after we broke up, who jumped off the ferry and drowned herself (on purpose). Sorta gives you a different perspective when you ride ferries. Eh? Realizing while you and I might be feeling so much awe and wonder over the trip through the Puget Sound -- others might be yearning for their own destruction.

    Beautiful photos. Life is a journey that brings us all bumps and dips. So much of how we survive has to do with how we process things in our minds.

  3. Hope you are feeling better now my dear. I love Ferries myself eevn tho I dont know quite why. May you have a tremendous weekend my friend."HUGS"

  4. Thanks for the comment you left on my blog. I love reading your entries . . . puts my home state and old stomping grounds in a whole new light for me.