Sunday, November 29, 2009

Dishes on any given day

To most readers I'm sure this looks like a sink. Well, okay, it is. To me this looks like a dish cloth where it is supposed to be, and a red scrubby thingy where it is supposed to be. I have successfully washed dishes twice now. And run the disposal once. All without incident. This appears to be all I need to have a successful day.


  1. I throw my dish cloth behind the taps, because I hang a reuseable coffee filter on the faucet. I have no worries about a disposal unit, however. If stuff refuses go through the holes, I just chew it up until it will.

    Kidding :-)

  2. If i wake up breathing consider myself as successful! Hope you had a wonderful weekend and that the new week will be filled with much love, peace and joy!