Monday, November 23, 2009

Is it Holiday time yet?

Something must have come loose in my brain. I'm thinking I may actually pull out the old boxed Christmas tree and set it up this year. I don't know what's gotten into me. I'm going to run with it anyway. I have no children around, mine or otherwise. I have no guests scheduled to pop in, even for an afternoon of coffeee and chitchat. I am currently without a paying job. I have no expectations to go gift shopping. In good old-fashioned grown children manner I'll be sending my brood money if I have any. Green gifts are good for the environment, you know. Oh yeah, I follow Buddhism as a matter of choice. AND YET, I am looking forward to Friday when it seems to be the first appropriate opportunity to set up the Christmas tree.

I'm looking forward to this Festival of Lights season. In only a month the days will be getting longer again anyway. Yes, time for the holidays~


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  2. Ahhhh, Doug...I love hearing from you. You're not allowed to "never mind".


  3. Hi Sarah. Well my dear you can count on me being there with you in Spirit for the holidays! Have a great Thanksgiving! "HUGS"

  4. I look forward to trimming the trees as well.

    Happy Thanksgiving!!!