Saturday, September 12, 2009

Week in week out

Last weekend I got to play the part of a true sports fan, in the stadium, screaming at the officials to get new glasses. This weekend I got to play house. I do wonder at the constistancy here. There is none.

As far as apartments go...well two weekends ago I traded up from a deflatable bed into a real and true mattress. Amazingly it is the same firmness every night. Still boggles my mind. Considering that it actually keeps my bum off the floor every night I finally broke down today and bought a memory foam topper and real sheets. I may not get up tomorrow.

I splurged, while I was at it, and picked up a 30 pair shoe rack. Now there's an item I'd always thought of as a little extravagant. A shoe rack is so unnecessary when there is a perfectly good floor available. It's kind of like my legs may be short, but they reach the floor just fine. Shoes end up on the floor when worn correctly, so why a rack? I don't know. But it sure tickles me to walk into my closet this afternoon and see everything so neatly arranged up to five feet tall on a rack. And no, I found out, I do not own 30 pairs of shoes. I do own 4 pairs of flip-flops, one pair of slippers (four years old), and 6 pairs of black shoes (not one of them is a pair of flats, darnit).

All in all I'm thinking I should lay around in bed all morning tomorrow with the closet door open so I can gaze in luxury from my new sheets at the new shoe rack as I sip coffee and peruse sections of the Sunday New York Times. I'll just have to get up to make some coffee and go get the paper (while I check on occassion that my mattress isn't deflating again - it seems like it should).


  1. It was nice for me to upgrade from a futon to a mattress even though I actually sleep closer to the floor now. I love my solid foam mattress...

    I have two pairs of black dress shoes, only because I couldn't find the pair Chris borrowed so I bought a new pair (and the first pair turned up later.) I have two pairs of work boots, and two pairs of sneakers. No flip flops, no slippers, no sandals. That's just how I roll.

  2. Imelda won't even look at me. I'm such a no count when it comes to shoes. :)