Thursday, September 17, 2009

Fickle finger of the internet

I don't know what I did this evening that was ANY different that I've done every night since Sunday...but tonight my wireless service decides to connect. Why does this stuff drive me nuts the way it does?!!! Arrrggh.

Just popping in to say hi.


Okay, off to play tennis....


  1. I heard you are a REALLY good player......ummmmm, seems like a match is in order? KEK

  2. Hi. Give my "love" to your opponent ;-)

  3. REALLY good player?!! Someone is telling fibs!

    And Doug, my buddy and I laugh everytime it's love/love. Why, for gawds sake we find that funny I have no idea.

    In July we could play for 2 hours straight. Tonight is was 45 minutes before we couldn't see the ball to bat it back. Why does the net always have to get in the way? Yes, I lost, and laughed the entire time.

  4. I like Dave Matthews more than I realized. I heard you were a good player too. Word on the street, and that is always reliable..

  5. I wonder that you and K are double teaming me?