Saturday, September 26, 2009

Nightmares in the Museum

Thought provoking, stunning, and monsterous creations of the tricks ones mind can play.

Mann und Maus
Katharina Fritsch

Do-Ho Suh
This "coat of arms" is made up entirely of dog tags. Each tag individually stamped. I thank the universe this in not made of "expired" dog tags. It's was startling enough as it was.

All in all, (and of course in my humble opinion) Milwaukee Art Museum has more and more variety. Even Milwaukee knows to have amazing Chihuly; and not just a couple of pieces. SAM displays One Monet and one Degas, no Gauguin (Okay, so I like my Impressionists). I had expected a larger or more comprehensive oriental arts installation. Nope - pretty sparse. Imogen Cunningham was much too small an exhibit, merely a hallway (albeit a long one...I may change my mind once I return - some excellent pieces are on display from her). Amazing things she did with silver process and photography - hell, she did amazing things.

I will go back. There is a Calder Exhibit and a Michelangelo Exhibit coming in October through April. Somehow I had expected so much more. I'll change my thought process and return, pleased to return. I am pleased this trip was a freebie. I'll be ready to put my money down and know what I'm getting into next time. I think I was just surprised.

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