Saturday, September 26, 2009

Crazy Synchronicity

Cake Wrecks - one of my favorite blogs to follow, recently changed their format, got a little more "official" and published a book of some of the better cake wrecks. You must, absolutely must, check these guys out. I know from reading their posts the author is out on a book tour at this time. Things are very busy, keeping up with posts, book signings, yadda, yadda, etc.

Coming home from the museum today I stopped in at the drugstore to pick up non-essentials. I climbed the stairs to the commons area of Third Place Books - the shortcut to my car - and who should be taking the stage?(I didn't know they had a stage...) Why yes, none other than my favorite blog authors, Jen and John of Cake Wrecks! Hey, they are real! And again (as this happens repeatedly for my way of thinking) I am amazed at the things people stumble into that make them happy AND pay the bills. Jen and John mention they are a little surprised too. What Jen actually said was, she had no idea, she posted the cake screw-up just for her. It was funny, she posted it.

I was dumbfounded to have almost literally stumbled into this presentation. Earlier in the day I had goofed off in the downtown Nordstroms to kill time. I waited 37 minutes for the bus as I was getting out of downtown (great people watching, btw). I had walked up and down aisles in the neighborhood drugstore because I was in no particular hurry to be anywhere. And here now I am leaned up against a post with my shopping bag of hairspray, box of knuckle bandages, pink nail polish, moleskin, epson salts and peanut M&M's watching these two tell a packed house all about the worst cakes to ever try to be sold - and many of these cake appear to have actually sold. I dunno.

As the question section began to wind down I headed over to the bookstore proper. The book, Cake Wrecks: When Professional Cakes Go Hilariously Wrong is lovely - and fatter than I thought it would be for only two years of ceaseless, all consuming toil (and fun, it sounds like). The line was forming and quickly, as Jen and John were saying goodnight from the stage. I got out of the way. Of all the book signings to stumble onto - and I have wanted to go to quite a few at this bookstore - I picked the right one. I've been reading this stuff already. Next time I might even stand in line for the signed copy.

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