Sunday, September 13, 2009

Kate's Quilt

The other thing I picked up yesterday was a table...okay a card table, but a table nonetheless. When I find a dining table I like this one will be relegated to the study. So, on this lovely, sunshining, lightly breezy, perfect day I have been indoors. This has been a perfectly lovely day; Kate's quilt is out of moving boxes and back in working mode. I cranked up the tunes and the machine. I know...I live such an exciting life. Whoohoo!
I must be feeling guilty for not getting outdoors. Yesterday I enjoyed my book at the beach (so, what was the deal with all the screaming kids? I hadn't heard that all summer. The children were there all summer, every time I went to the beach, just not all the screaming...definate shift yesterday). My book and the sunset were the best parts of the beach - okay, the smell, the sound of light surf, the reflecting light off the water....I'm a sucker for water. Do I get another weekend like this one?


  1. Screakming kids usually a result of the parents. Maybe too many without real vacations...

  2. I got my table from a used/antique shop, it was small and relatively cheap. Today I picked up a made in India steel bowl (vase?) that caught my eye, even though I have no definite use for it. I should post a photo of the thing I dragged home last week :-)

  3. None of the screaming kids kicked sand your way? {{Lucky girl!}}

    What book are you reading?