Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Holding Hands

I've witnessed this phenomena several times this week, in several venues. It's heart-warming. It's caring. I work in a health care facility. Everyday I'm noticing there are couples walking through the hallways holding hands; father and daughter, husband and wife.
This isn't the hand holding of young children with it's implied protectionist guiding. This is the hand holding between adults. This is the hand holding that says there is strength and caring from someone that is there right here, right now. This hand holding appears to be an affirmation of someone to walk along side of. This is the stuff that says, we are in this together. Mostly, I'm not sure they even recognize they are holding hands. It's just what they do.


  1. What a wonderful post. I noticed that today when I was at Mc Hospital watching a couple walk together holding hands. I thought about that.

  2. I remember noticing others holding hands more when I was single (and feeling lonely). Sometimes when I feel lack I feel like the world keeps shoving it in my way: "See this?"

    . . . funny how your message today could be interpreted so many different ways . . .

    Richest blessings to you.