Monday, August 24, 2009

Two month delay

Well over two months ago I was still putting in applications and submitting resumes for open positions. I haven't been actively seeking a permanent job lately at all. This contract gig is working out okay. It's temporary. I know this.

While I was out of town this weekend -sometimes it is good for the soul to leave town and get a different view - I received a phone call from one of these job posters. It took an entire two months -and then some- before they were able to get the interview process.

I have an interview Wednesday for a position I may actually be qualified for. Now there's an original thought!! Send prayers and blessings and calm for me.


  1. It will be good. This shows the value of taking the steps and not counting out the unexpected results, ever.
    Have a good time at the interview. Ultimately the best result will materialize.