Monday, August 10, 2009

Step One

I did it today. I paid myself first. I paid myself the entire 10% that is promoted through the ages. Now we'll just have to see if I do it again next week.

I have always wanted to do that - pay myself first. Without automatic deposit I actually have to do it myself. There's nothing automatic about this. It's kind of nice having an active hand in my own affairs.

"When I started to put that 10% into savings FIRST even when I knew I was not going to have enough money to pay bills or buy groceries. Every single month that I put money into savings before I paid bills or bought groceries, I made my savings goal and somehow I managed to pay the household bills and eat. I didn’t pay all of the bills but I could not have paid them without saving anyway."

It's a start. I gotta start somewhere.


  1. I'm thinking a betting pool could be run and money made off the archer friend and the apple on your fine son's head. I bet he survives and the apple doesn't. Put me in for a C note.
    Put a sawbuck down that he flinches and blinks.
    you can thank me later for this brilliant idea which will quickly serve to help you achieve your goal.

  2. ps: congrats on a good move - step 1.

  3. Hi Sarah Thats a good place to start.It always is a good idea to pay yourself first. That way you get into a good habit of saving some money. Good luck with things! Hope your wek is going great!"hugs"

  4. I have a small amount from my pay taken out and put into a savings bond. I'll likely just blow it all when it's done, anyway. Don't want to mess up a 35 year trend... :-)