Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Season 3

Welcome to Season 3 of Breath-e. I'm always up to some project. I feel like I'm getting somewhere when I have something to work on. In retrospect Season 1 was the goal of being a non-smoker. I may yet get there. Other than this last weekend, I've been getting closer. Season 2 was the most crazy with the loss of my job and making the leap to reach the brass ring of my dreams by moving across the country. That was wonderfully and powerfully successful. This next season I am reaching for the goal of being paid up in full on all my debt. Time to be debt free. I'll keep the back story going of Tourist for a Year. I'm enjoying that and I've always done it on the cheap.

I got there once, debt free. It was kind of like losing all that weight and fitting into size 2 Levi 501's. It lasted about a month - the jeans and living with no debt.

I live in a debt acceptable society. I recognize that. If it were so accepted, why do I feel guilty when I open the mailbox, or choose 'ignore' when strange phone numbers call my phone? The ignored phone calls will go away when I'm done catching up. I'm miffed to be playing catch up. I enjoy a good game of catch. Just not catch up; or with catsup or ketchup - both being rather gruesome and somewhat messy.

So Season 3 begins with me sprawled on the living room floor with all my bills fluttering around me hiding the calculator and my pen while I ponder the numbers on my yellow note pad. Can I do it in a year? Can I do it in 9 months? How hard do I want to pound at this beast? I'm not as bad off as I lead myself to believe. I own my vehicle outright. I'm just beating around a couple of credit cards, old medical/dental bills and one new medical charge (see ER visit for my earache). Do I want to own my own home someday? I'd like the option. I'd like to remember what it's like to have a nest egg again. Maybe something I can "touch" before I'm 59 1/2. Ah, the sweet savor of in the bank (or money-markets nowadays).

Last time I had cash I bought stock. Google and Qualcomm being my most notable purchases. I don't know that I would do that again. Jones' Soda took a fantastic dive when Hansen's Soda edged ahead. That one will be a good tax write-off...add that to things to look into. I think Jones' is worth about 5 cents a share right now (I kid you not). A friend once told me stocks are no good unless you are willing to sell and hear the cha-ching. If that's the case...I've held on too long - by a couple years. I do wonder that there is any safe haven, liquid, that allows me to feel a little more at peace with my decisions - and ready for distress, or better yet adventure.

Now that I'm feeling at home in my new home...let the games begin. Tight-wad city here I come. I wanna hear those pennies scream. And hey, maybe I'll open a bottle of champagne for each and every bill paid in full. I don't know that I've ever had 6 occassions for champagne in one year.


  1. freedom is a good thing. Debt free is good. Having surplus would be even better. Keeping in mind that no security is absolutely secure. One well placed volcano dictatorship or dimension transfer changes everything.

  2. In some respects (having shared the experience you discuss) I wonder if it might better to be utterly penniless, have nothing, not even debt, to just be FREE from the confines of materialism than to have every creature comfort we need and try to play Russian Roulette with a paycheck and investments.

    Dunno . . . just know it always feels better NOT to have debt towering overhead like some sort of task master.