Monday, August 3, 2009

Fast Lane

Lee Oskar

Clubbing on a Friday night and then running up 5 flights of stairs from the waterfront to the city, up 5 dark city blocks downtown at 1 am to catch the last bus of the night- don't tell me I don't live in the fast lane. Thank you for running with me. And Lee Oskar, among others, are worth it.

There is nothing like live music - Lee is a must see!


  1. When scoff-laws unashamedly bring water, in liquid form into a bar, they often have to run for their lives. Word on the street is, THE MAN has got your number.
    It's Tim Gonzalez. He deserves a little cred.

  2. YOu set me up on the bottled water...I took the fall for you dude!

    Tim. I liked him...I couldn't find his name. Good job!

  3. Ha!! Carter has posters with your picture up all over the water front: wanted: wild woman who brings water into bars, armed with perrier and dangerous!!