Sunday, August 9, 2009

Stuffing the Attic

I've been thinking of this paid-in-full challenge I've put myself up to and even in this first week I've made it harder on myself. I bought shelves for my closet, a pair of jeans and a blouse - all new, all off my credit card. There seems to be a back-lash occurring in my brain. A tantrum of Not-gonna-do-it mentality going on in my attic.

Going through my financial totals earlier this week I found I wasn't as bad off as I had believed I was. Does this mean I am trying to make myself as bad off as I had originally thought? Why does my brain get to play all these games? Who really gets to have the fun here?

In the meantime today I am in penance. I am baking biscotti (thank goodness for the cooler weather) to send to my brother for his birthday this week. I'll be mailing that down to San Diego to him. I'm reading last week's Sunday NYTimes - which, for my entertainment, could last an entire month. And I'll be putting together the shelves this afternoon, and possibly taking the blouse back to the store - I'm not convinced it's necessary (very pretty, but unnecessary).

There are a screen load of blogs and web-sites available for commiserating and idea swapping for every side-note of financial independence. I've been reading a few. Stuffing my attic with positive motivators, as if I couldn't think of enough postitive aspects to this project to begin with. One such blog keeps me thinking Her post lead me to Then the mother-load was found at I've found I have plenty of company out there.

I've mentally settled in at my new home. Just not physically. I would like a real mattress rather than the air mattress I have to add air to each night. I am convinced at this point that the pointed backs to one of my earings put a small hole into the mattress. It's a slow leak, but a leak nonetheless. I have four pieces of furniture; a desk, a dresser, a television stand and a buffet (only the tv stand did I purchase - $20). My chairs are two folding camping chairs and a woven seat ladder-back chair; all donated to the cause of starting my new home. The two "dinner parties" I've hosted were enjoyed picnic style on the floor on a big outdoor blanket - no table or chairs for "proper" dining. Learning what is necessary, what is socially acceptable, and what is comfort in the furnishings world has been interesting. As people come to my home and I find ways to make each person comfortable I've learned a different take on what is expected. Everything so far has been accepted. It's up to me to make myself comfortable.

Next weekend I'll be camping online at to find that furniture that will make me comfortable. I'll be checking into the regular ads to find that store that every other time of year sells mattress and box spring sets for $100 yet doesn't seems to be in existence when I need them (like now). And depending on the bed situation I'll either throw extra money at a credit card or be resting like Sleeping Beauty.

Can I keep some of this biscotti for me?


  1. When I first moved into my own place, I had a desk and a sofa bed and boxes of junk. Over the four and a half years I was there I acquired enough stuff to fill three loads in a truck like yours, all stuff I had to give away or toss out.

    You'll get there, S.

  2. Any way to avoid the card is good, in my view. There are people who have really gigantic, huge debt and the income is nearly nil. I doubt you are in that boat. Doing no credit card that doesn't get paid off in a week or month is a very fun way to live.